Cooperation agreement

Individual conditions: The main purpose of conducting a cooperation agreement is to ensure a smooth process between you as a client and Zoomdox as a supplier.
Once the purchase agreement between the client and Zoomdox is approved, Zoomdox will send an outline for the cooperation agreement on the specific assignment within five working days. Thereafter, you as a client then have five working days to make corrections. The agreement is approved when both parties have accepted the agreement by mail.

Standard conditions: The individual conditions as stated above relate to the process for a specific assignment, where the standard conditions are applicable for all assignments between a client and Zoomdox.
These standard conditions involve; Rights of use, Acceptance and delivery, Limitation of liability, Disputes, Force Majeure, Purchase agreement, Cancellation fee and payment.

Rights of use
The client is the rightful owner and distributor of all edited videos and has unlimited use of these on multiple platforms.
&  Special-designed graphical material and customized music-compositions (by external partners) arranged by Zoomdox can be redeemed for your use in other productions if the assignment is not carried out by Zoomdox.
Zoomdox keeps the raw video files for potential future use. If the client wishes to have the files transferred to their own use, Zoomdox will charge a handling fee for transferring the data.
Unless opposition is received from the client, Zoomdox is allowed to make use of videos published publicly as a showcase on and on SoMe.

Acceptance and delivery
The client has the responsibility for videos published on the internet, after the client has approved the content of the final version.
Unless another deadline is agreed between the client and Zoomdox, Zoomdox will deliver the edited videos within three working days.
Hereafter, the client is entitled to submit corrections, on condition that the changes are within the terms and conditions of the cooperation agreement.

Limitation of liability
Zoomdox is responsible for breakdowns of equipment essential for professional video production such as cameras and hard drives. If Zoomdox fails to deliver due to such circumstances, the total cost will be compensated related to the impact of the breakdown.
Zoomdox is not responsible for breakdowns caused by third parties for instance a technical crew at a conference venue.

In case of disputes that cannot be settled between client and Zoomdox, the dispute will be handled within the Danish legal system.

Force majeure
If Zoomdox is unable to provide the agreed service due to circumstances, Zoomdox cannot control – including fire, flood, strike, lockout, power failure, illness, failing service and third-party suppliers (including telecommunications and network providers), Zoomdox will be released from the agreed contractual obligations.
Zoomdox cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect losses suffered by the customer because of the above and similar situations.
Zoomdox is entitled to have all or part of the work carried out by subcontractors.

Purchase agreement and cancellation fee
After the acceptance of the purchase agreement between a client and Zoomdox, Zoomdox is entitled to demand a cancellation fee in the event that the client withdraws from the agreement.
The cancellation fee is determined by the point at which the client withdrawals. In cases when an event is postponed 72 hours before the event launch, the cancellation fee will be calculated accordingly and deducted in a later purchase agreement. If an event is cancelled less than 72 hours before the event launch, the cancellation fee will be lost without later reduction.

In case of cancellation:
10 pct. of the full amount will be invoiced after the acceptance of the purchase agreement
25 pct. of the full amount will be invoiced if cancelled 30 days or less ahead of the event.
50 pct. of the full amount will be invoiced if cancelled 72 hours or less ahead of the event.

Clients using EAN-invoice (electronic invoice) are entitled to net 30 days payment after the invoice date. Otherwise, the payment is due to 8 days following receipt of the invoice.
If the total amount of an assignment exceeds 100.000 DKR., the invoicing can be divided into two or more payments. Part payments must be agreed in the cooperation agreement.
Late payment is charged with interest according to the Danish Interest Law.
If a client does not approve an invoice, the client has the right to make a written complaint as early as possible and at the latest within seven days.
The client is though only entitled to retain payment of those parts in the invoice, the client opposes against. For instance, if the client has approved 75 pct. of the assignment, it is only possible to retain an amount equaling 25 pct.

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