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As a conference organizer there are many logistical tasks to take care of: – correspondence with participants, clarification with presenters and handling of practicalities with the venue.

Among all these different tasks it is though important to have a plan for capturing the insight of the conference, and how to keep and share this knowledge subsequently. Both as reminder for those who participated – but also as a promotion for future events.

ZoomDox helps you generate attraction BEFORE – DURING and AFTER your upcoming conference.



  • Let the participants meet ahead of the conference through short videos on the conference’s website and LinkedIn.
  • Introduce keynote speakers through video or audio teasers – as an appetizer to the speakers’ full presentations.
  • A video newsletter with you as a host creates a personal relation and thereby increased attraction for participating.


  • Live-streaming and hybrid workshops makes it possible to increase the number of participants.
  • Short video spots on SoMe (e.g. Twitter) focusing on new insights attract interest from news media.
  • A recap video shown at the end of the conference is effectful to highlight central messages and the best moments.


  • Edited videos from presentations and debate sessions ensures that central knowledge is kept for the future.
  • A mood driven video summary with reactions from participants and host committee makes it possible to recall the conference years later.
  • Promote future conferences with recordings from previous years.

Let Zoomdox assists...

All conferences and congresses are diverse. Therefore, we do not have a fixed template
ZoomDox takes care of all your questions regarding video coverage.
That is our expertise.

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